Friday, June 27, 2008

Black Entertainment Television

So I watched the 2008 BET awards earlier for like the 20th time (& when I say 20th I mean 3rd )....

Usher opened the show and did a nice little number on stage, but I'm pretty sure he was lip singing so I'm not a fan.

Keyshia Cole's performance was absolutely horrid. Each time I get to it I just wanna fast forward. She was super off key, she was huffin n puffin cause I guess she's outta shape, and she was totally silent for like half of the first verse. Lil Kim came out with her ol 'freaky as I wanna be' self and added to the horribleness. At the end of her performance people clapped, some even stood in recognition of that horrible performance (if you can imagine such a thing)...You’re on national television Keyshia Cole. Imma need you to get it together.

Ashanti's hair was well…interesting, for lack of a better word. What in tarnation did she she have on and who told her that ish was cute? I swear, if LL Cool J hadn’t been standing beside her with his ol I'm too sexy for my shirt lookin...I would have been very upset.

Alicia Keys brought back some of the best girl groups EVER and it was simply amazing. A. Keys was workin it in the outfit she had on and the sharp bangs across the forehead was a super plus. Get it B!

Ne-yo came out looking rather dapper and performed Closer—his latest single. His
performance was the best of the night in my opinion. The choreography was refreshing, his voice was stable (which counts for a lot considering that jivin he was doin all around the stage) and the dancers weren’t too distracting. Kudos Ne-yo!

(Insert links to favorite Ne-Yo songs here & here)

Lauren London looked stunning as usual. If I was a man she would be my one and only forever & ever...No homo?

Lil' Mama was a hot usual, but at least she didn't have her usual weave ponytail coming through the top of a tacky rhinestone studded fitted. Maybe we should give her some credit? At least for consistency. She is super tacky all the time....damn shame.

There were 50 million useless commercials during the awards EXCEPT for one…Hell Date is coming back in July!! Don’t act like you don’t love it. With that dinky little midget running around in his ill fitting devil suit and the constant excess of ignorance jam packed into every episode, what’s not to love?

I absolutely positively LOVE Kanye. Nothing else needs to be said.

Terrence Howard has gorgeous eyes, can play the guitar AND he’s the ultimate assholebynature in every movie he acts in….HAAAAAY!!

Neicy Nash came on stage talking about white people adopting black children and I can honestly say it was one of the most tasteless and ignorant things I’ve seen lately. Why does the focus have to be that Angelina Jolie is adopting children that don’t share her race? People always wanna talk bout equality and how we are all one race race, but then wanna act crazy when someone who is gorgeous, selfless, talented and cultured looks past skin color and adopts a child in need. Not a "black baby from Ethiopia", but a child...Never fear, I won’t start ranting and raving about society and how far we have left to go just yet. This is only my first post so I'm doing my best not to scare you off, but just you wait! LOL. No but seriously, it’s 2008 people. There is no reason why all we should see is color. We are supposed to be making progress. For shame Neicy, for shame!

T-Payne was pretty cool. I don’t know what he was wearing but we’ll let him slide cause other than that apple bottom jeans song his jig was pretty nice.

Chris Brown & Ciara….good lord!! No combination of words could ever suffice. They were grindin on stage like the world wasn’t watching and I loved it. While watching I couldn't help but think…what does Rihanna think of all this?...Cue BET reading my mind and panning over to Rihanna grinning in the audience as if she liked seeing Ciara’s goodies (pun intended) all over her man. Backstage she told an interviewer that “she really loved the performance.” Pssshhh....Yea right. “YOU AIN’T GOTS TA LIE CRAIG, YOU AINT GOTS TA LIE!” Anywho, I love CB and Ciara was gettin it to say the least. She looked amazing, her hair was on point and she was gyrating on stage like nobody's business. I can’t even comprehend how she moves like that. SHEESH!

Even though I feel like Chrisette Michele was slighted, I was happy The Dream won best new artist. His debut album was great all around. Falsetto is my favvvvvvv.

The Al Green tribute was awesome. Al Green seemed a little out of whack, but nevertheless he's a legend and it was amazing. Love and Happiness is one of my numerous ‘favorite songs of all time’ but seriously, talk about a timeless piece. That’s it right there man.

Jill Scott was soulful and fluid as usual. Anthony Hamilton has a voice to die for and Maxwell…well, he has officially been added to my list of celeb hotties (Denzel Washington, David Beckham, Brian White, Tyson Beckford, Pharrell, The Allstate man, George Clooney, & so on & so forth...).

Rihanna was decent. I love her swag though so she gets a pass. Her boo Chris brown was singing along in the audience. How...cute. (stale face).

Nelly was bad and his bulging steroid filled muscles even worse. Ugh. I just wanted to see Maxwell again.

And why did Lil Wayne bring like his entire family on stage?

Let’s finish this up.

D.L Hughley wasn’t funny. Gabrielle Union has the most beautiful skin ever. Rick Ross knows he’s wrong for that tummy, and Nia Long is damn near flawless at 38. She has seriously defied Mother Nature.

That’s all I got.

Goodbye. Farewell. Until we meet again.


Miss Hood said...


hmm to comment on the the little bit of the awards show that I saw...

Rhianna is a boring performer but she looked stunning and I'm pretty sure that when her man Chris was grindin on Ciara she was thinkin "damn if only I could dance."

Lil Mama looked a hott ass mess...per usual

This is the best that I've ever seen Lauren London look! She's usually cute but she was HOTT in her lil yellow number on the red carpet. I'd slide. lol. As long as her utter lack of talent on screen doesn't reflect her talent in the bedroom ;)

Alletia said...

Congrats hommie!..this is a really good start, keep it up:)


The BrotherMan said...

Great debut post. I loved the commentary throughout and you definitely hit a few strong points. This just makes me in even higher anticipation to see the Awards when I get back to the H.

I laughed out loud definitely at the Friday quote on the Chris/Ciara breakdown. I swear Bow Wow dropped the ball sincerely... that's EXACTLY why BET put the camera on Rihanna and not BW, because they KNEW young dude must have had that salty expression going...

Ashanti... *deep sigh* well, at least the werewolf sideburns are FINALLY gone, so I can't hate her for doing SOMETHING right.

And I was personally hoping Al Green would keep it timeless by performing his new single with Corrinne Bailey Rae, but maybe there's a music video of "Simply Beautiful" proportions on the way.

Nonetheless, again, great pilot. You've def got a faithful viewer in me for the rest of the season.